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Investigation of Operating Parameters’ Effects on Bubble Characteristics in a Co-Current Downflow Bubble Column

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 01 May 2022


Rohit B. Meshram; Usha Yenni; Gautam Kundu; Dibyendu Mukherjee

Experimental and numerical investigation of semi-transverse ventilation system during the fire test

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 22 October 2022


Mehdi Rafiei; Peter-Johann sturm

A novel design to overcome detrimental effect of high‑temperature operating conditions on separation efficiency of square cyclone

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 06 November 2022


Ebrahim Hosseini; Mohammad Amin Atarzadeh; Mehdi Shekarzadeh

Investigation of the effect of gradual change of the inner tube geometrical configuration on the thermal performance of the double-pipe heat exchanger

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 29 November 2022


Nima Ahmadi; Hojjat Ashrafi; Sadra rostami; reza vatankhah

Optimizing Different Angles of Venturi in Biodiesel Production Using CFD Analysis

Volume 38, Issue 6, November and December 2019, Pages 285-295


Hamid Reza Chitsaz; Mohammad Reza Omidkhah; Barat Ghobadian; Mehdi Arjomand

Improving Heat Transfer in Falling Film Evaporators in Food Industries

Volume 38, Issue 4, July and August 2019, Pages 237-250


Mohammad Reza Jafari Nasr; Neda Rahaei

A New Investigation on Tunnel Pool Fire Phenomenon Using CFD Technique

Volume 37, Issue 2, March and April 2018, Pages 171-182


Aziz Babapoor; Vahid Bab; Mehdi Ahmadi Sabegh

Optimization of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Performance by Geometrical Changes

Volume 36, Issue 2, May 2017, Pages 89-106


Nima Ahmadi; Sajad Rezazadeh; Mehdi Asgharikia,; Ehsan Shabahangnia

Improvement of Hydrodynamics Performance of Naphtha Catalytic Reforming Reactors Using CFD

Volume 33, Issue 3, September 2014, Pages 63-76


Rasool Mohammadikhah; Sorood Zahedi Abghari; Hamid Ganji; Mahdi Ahmadi Marvast

Combustion Modeling for Modern Direct Injection Diesel Engines

Volume 31, Issue 3, September 2012, Pages 111-114


Samad Jafarmadar; Alborz Zehni

CFD Study on Hydrogen-Air Premixed Combustion in a Micro Scale Chamber

Volume 29, Issue 4, December 2010, Pages 161-172


Sayed Reza Shabanian; Masoud Rahimi; Abbas Khoshhal; Ammar Abdulaziz Alsairafi

Investigating the Effects of Mass Transfer and Mixture Non-Ideality on Multiphase Flow Hydrodynamics Using CFD Methods

Volume 29, Issue 1, March 2010, Pages 51-60


Mohammad Irani; Ramin Bozorgmehry Boozarjomehry; Sayed Mahmoud Reza Pishvaie; Ahmad Tavasoli

CFD Modeling of Gas-Liquid Hydrodynamics in a Stirred Tank Reactor

Volume 26, Issue 2, June 2007, Pages 85-96


Mahmoud Gorji; Ramin Bozorgmehry Boozarjomehry; Mohammad Kazemeini