Synthesis, Spectroscopy and Magnetism of Alkoxobridged Dinuclear Copper(II) Complexes with 2  Amino  Picolines as the Ligands

Document Type : Research Article


1 Chemistry Department of Tarbiat Modarres University, P. O. Box 14155-4838, Tehran, I.R. Iran

2 Chemistry Department of Arak University, P. O. Box 38156-879 Arak, I.R. Iran


The synthesis, spectroscopic and magnetic characterization of a series of new alkoxo-bridged binuclear copper (II) compounds are described. All complexes have the general formula [Cu (m-OR)(L)2]2(ClO4)2 · x H2O, in which m-OR = CH3O-, C2H5O- or C3H7O-, L = 2-amino-4-methylpyridine (abbreviated A4PIC) and 2-amino-5-methylpyridine ( abbreviated A5PIC). The title compounds all consist of dinuclear units with alkoxo-bridging group. All complexes have been synthesized in one-step reaction, and characterized by elemental analysis, FTIR and electronic spectra and by magnetic properties. The compounds exhibit strong antiferromagnetic interaction at room temperature. The UV-Vis spectra shows three absorption bands, which can be attributed to d-d transition of copper (II) ion, ligand®metal charge transiton and p®p* transition of the ligand. The IR spectra indicates Cu2O2 ring vibrations in 500 -570 cm-1 range. The magnetic properties of the [Cu2(A5PIC)4)(O-CH3)2](ClO4)2 complex has been investigated in the 5-265 K range and a singlet-triplet energy gap (-2J) of 126 cm-1 was observed. 


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