Study on Catalysis of Cu-Fe Metal Composite Oxides to Thermal Decomposition Behavior of Bluestone

Document Type : Research Article


Material Science and Engineering College, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang Sichuan, CHINA


Nano-CuFe2O4 catalysts with different Cu/Fe molar ratios (CunFemO(n+1.5m)) were prepared by hydrothermal method. The thermal decomposition performance of CunFemO(n+1.5m) on CuSO4 were determined with TG-DSC method to evaluate its catalytic activity and the roasted product was characterized by XRD. The results showed that CunFemO(n+1.5m) had superior catalytic properties and efficiency to CuSO4 crystals in 1:1 Cu/Fe molar ratios and 4% CunFemO(n+1.5m) (in mass) contained. Under these conditions, the high and low temperature decomposition peaks of CuSO4 were overlapped. The temperature and heat of decomposition were decreased by 29.5 °C and 112.1 J/g, respectively. The results were also confirmed by roasting experiments of CuSO4·5H2O in muffle furnace in the presence of CunFemO(n+1.5m) as catalyst at the same temperature.  


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