A Simple and Effective Protocol for One-Pot Diazotization-Iodination of Aromatic Amines by Acidic Ionic Liquid [H-NMP]HSO4 at Room Temperature

Document Type : Research Article


Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory, Faculty of Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan, I.R. IRAN


A simple and efficient one-pot method for the preparation of aromatic iodides has been developed by sequential diazotization–iodination of aromatic amines employing sodium nitrite and sodium iodide in the presence of acidic ionic liquid N-methyl-2-pyrrolidonum hydrosulfate ([H-NMP]HSO4). The diazonium salts that are formed by this ionic liquid are stable at room temperature and react rapidly with sodium iodide to produce aryl iodides in moderate to good yields. The mild reaction conditions, straightforward procedure, inexpensive and green method make these transformations superior to the reported


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