Manganese (III)-Bis(salicylaldehyde)-4-Methyl-1,2-Phenylenediimine (Mn-BSMP) as an Inexpensive N2O2 Type Schiff Base Catalyst for Oxidative Decarboxylation of Carboxylic Acids with (n-Bu4NIO4) in the Presence of Imidazol

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Yasouj University, P.O. box 75918-74831Yasouj, I.R. IRAN


In this study, bis(salicylaldehyde)-4-methyl-1,2-phenylenediimine (BSMP) as a Schiff base ligand of N2O2-type and its Mn and Fe complex as M-BSMP catalyst were synthesized and characterized by UV-Vis, IR spectroscopy and elemental analysis. The efficiency of Fe- and Mn-BSMP catalysts was evaluated in the oxidative decarboxylation of arylacetic acids with tetra-butylammonium periodate (n-Bu4NIO4) in the presence of imidazol with the mole ratios of M-BSMP: imdazole: n-Bu4NIO4: carboxylic acid of 1:2:5:5, respectively in CH2Cl2. Using Mn-BSMP instead of Fe-BSMP makes the decarboxylation improved, leading 60-95% of corresponding carbonyl compounds as the sole products.


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