Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Water Extraction of Foxtail Millet Polysaccharides

Document Type : Research Article


School of Biological and Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, 318 Liuhe Road, Hangzhou 310023, P.R. CHINA


In order to understand the mechanism of the extraction process of polysaccharides from foxtail millet by hot water, the extraction was carried out for studying the kinetics and thermodynamics of the extraction process. After the appropriate stirring rate and liquid material ratio were selected through the preliminary experiment, the changes in polysaccharides mass concentration in the extract liquor extraction temperature and extraction time were measured. The experimental data were fitted by the first-order model. The kinetics and thermodynamics parameters were calculated. The results showed that the appropriate stirring rate and the liquid material ratio were 150 r/min, 20.0 mL/g respectively. A greater extraction rate and higher equilibrium mass concentration could be obtained under higher extraction temperatures. The extraction process accorded with the first-order dynamics model. The apparent activation energy of the process was 12.03 kJ/mol under study conditions. The internal diffusion coefficient was increased with increasing temperature in the range of 7.84×10-10 - 1.29×10-9 m2/min. The half-life was decreased from 25.2 min to 3.9 min as the temperature increased. The Gibbs free energies were all less than zero, the enthalpy change was 31.96 kJ/mol and the entropy change was 120.3 J/(mol·K) in process. The polysaccharides extraction process was a spontaneous, endothermic, and entropy increases process.


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