A Simple Method for Evaluating the Cleaning Power of Commercial Detergents

Document Type : Research Note


Department of Chemical Engineering, Isfahan University of Technology, Zip code 84156, Isfahan, I.R. IRAN



Commercial detergents, in spite of their various names and marks, are used to remove foreign matter (dirt) from substrate. Following removal of dirt from the surface, it is necessary to prevent redeposition, so the detergent must have supending power. In this experimental work, a simple method has been developed to evaluate the cleaning power of commercial detergents. The method, showing the change of surface tension of detergent solution versus concentration, makes possible the dynamic study of the cleaning power of different commercial detergents without concerning their formulation. It has been found that the method differentiates between various detergents. The examined detergents were: Arial, Barf, Bianco, Darya, Paak, Persil, Sepid, Shoma, Vash and Yes.


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