Volume & Issue: Volume 24, Issue 4 - Serial Number 36, November and December 2005, Pages 1-78 
1. Gum Tragacanth Gels as a New Supporting Matrix for Immobilization of Whole-Cell

Pages 1-7

Maryam Otady; Ali Vaziri; Ali Akbar Seifkordi; Azadeh Kheirolomoom

2. Synthesis of Hydrophobic Silicalite Adsorbent from Domestic Resources: The Effect of Alkalinity on the Crystal Size and Morphology

Pages 9-14

Davood Vakili; Mohammad Ali Attarnejad; Sayyed Kamal Massoodian; Mohammad Mahdi Akbarnejad

4. Accelerated Deactivation and Activity Recovery Studies of Ruthenium and Rhenium Promoted Cobalt Catalysts in Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis

Pages 25-36

Ahmad Tavasoli; Ali Karimi; Abbas Ali Khodadadi; Yadollah Mortazavi; Mohammad Ali Mousavian

5. Application of Genetic Algorithm in Kinetic Modeling and Reaction Mechanism Studies

Pages 37-46

Shohreh Fatemi; Mohammad Masoori; Ramin Bozorgmehry Boozarjomehry

9. X-ray Diffraction and SEM Studies on the Effect of Temperature on the Formation of Main Phase Sr2MgSi2O7 Using a Wet and Dry Method for its Preparation

Pages 73-78

Ali Asghar Sabbagh Alvani; Ali Asghar Sarabi; Fathollah Moztarzadeh; Mohammad Rabie; Mohammad Javad Kamali