Volume & Issue: Volume 39, Issue 5 - Serial Number 103, September and October 2020, Pages 1-352 
Mathematical Modeling of 1, 3-Butadiene Polymerization Initiated by Hydrogen Peroxide

Pages 79-94


Mehdi Mahmoudian; Keyvan Nosratzadegan; Mahmoud Ghasemi Kochameshki; Aref Shokri

Modeling of Living Cationic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Cyclic Ethers: Active Chain End versus Activated Monomer Mechanism

Pages 95-110


Mehdi Mahmoudian; Keyvan Nosratzadegan; Jamshid Azarnia; Abbas Esfadeh; mahmoud Ghasemi Kochameshki; Aref Shokri

Genotoxicity of Noscapine Nanosuspension Prepared by Microfluidic Reactors on HepG2 Cell Line

Pages 145-155


Maryam Azarian; Amir Amani; Mohammad Ali Faramarzi; Akram Eidi; Adeleh Divsalar

Study of the Adsorption and Desorption of Zn(II) and Pb(II) on CaF2 Nanoparticles

Pages 191-201


haythem Barrak; Abdelkader Kriaa; Mohamed Triki; Adel M nif; Ahmed Hichem Hamzaoui

Enhancement of the Electrochemical Properties of PbO2 by Incorporation of Graphene Exfoliated

Pages 269-274


Yasser Ghalmi; Abdelfetteh Sayah; Farid Habelhames; Imad Henguesmia; Ahmed Bahloul; Belkacem Nessark

Computational Fluid Dynamics in 3D-Printed Scaffolds with Different Strand-Orientation in Perfusion Bioreactors

Pages 307-320


Ali Reza Saatchi; Hadi Seddiqi; Ghassem Amoabediny; Marco N. Helder; Behrouz Zandieh-Doulabi; Jenneke Klein-Nulend

Evaluation of a New Agent for Wettability Alteration During Enhanced Oil Recovery

Pages 333-341


Ghassem Zargar; Mohammad Ali Takassi; Siamak Moradi; Ali Reza Rostami; Babak Jabari