Volume & Issue: Volume 39, Issue 2 - Serial Number 100, March and April 2020, Pages 1-307 
Enhanced HDN Performance of Al, Zr and Ti Modified NiW Catalysts by Using Co-Impregnation Method

Pages 69-81


Fang Guo; Yi-en Du; Xianjun Niu; Shaoqing Guo; Xianxian Wei; Xiaoxiao Wang; Zegang Qiu; Liangfu Zhao

The Conversion Kinetics of Tincal to Boric Acid in Nitric Acid Solutions

Pages 83-90


Mehmet Tunc; Hasan irem; M. Muhtar Kocakerim; Mehmet Copur; Özkan Küçük

Ultrasonic Assisted Synthesis, Characterization and Bioactivity Assessment of Novel Piperonal Based Schiff Base and Its Metal Complexes

Pages 105-111


Obaid-Ur-Rahman Abid; Aziz Ahmad; Wajid Rehman; Rehmat Zaman; Mohsin Ali; Sadullah Mir; Muhammad Qureshi Tauseef

Activity Coefficients of NaClO4 in (PEG 4000 + H2O) Mixtures at (288.15, 298.15 and 308.15) K

Pages 145-157


Jaime W. Morales; Hector R. Galleguillos; Felipe Hernández-Luisc; Raquel Rodríguez-Raposoc

Microwave Assisted Appraisal of Neem Bark Based Tannin Natural Dye and its Application onto Bio-mordanted Cotton Fabric

Pages 159-170


Shahid Adeel; Fazal-Ur Rehman; Muhammad Kaleem Khosa; Tahira Anum; Muhammad Shahid; Khalid Mahmood Zia; Mohammad Zuber

Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of Essential Oil and Methanol Extract of Teucrium scordium

Pages 207-215


Parisa Ebrahimi; Fateme Aboee-Mehrizi; Mahmood Dehghani Ashkezari; Samaneh Sedighi; Henghame Amirian