Volume & Issue: Volume 38, Issue 6 - Serial Number 98, November and December 2019, Pages 1-295 
1. Nano-Ceria (CeO2): An Efficient Catalyst for the Multi-Component Synthesis of a Variety of Key Medicinal Heterocyclic Compounds

Pages 1-19


Sheida Ahmadi; Akram Hosseinian; Parvaneh Delir Kheirollahi Nezhad; Aazam Monfared; Esmail Vessally

3. Synthesis and Characterization of Silver and Gold Nano-Structures on Chitosan-Porous Anodic Alumina Nano-Composite

Pages 31-44


Somia Qayyum; Mazhar Mehmood; Muhammad Aslam Mirza; Sumaira Ashraf; Zahoor Ahmed; Tauseef Tanvir; Muhammad Aziz Choudhary; Masood Iqbal; Faria Nisar; Zaib un Nisa

11. Adsorption of Zinc and Lead onto Sediments of the Dam Chorfa

Pages 127-133


Mohamed El-Amine Bekhti; Ahmed Yahiaoui; Aicha Hachmaoui; Abdelghani Benyoucef

20. Synthesis, Reactions and Antioxidant Activity of 5-(3', 4'-dihydroxy-tetrahydrofuran-2'-yl)-2-methyl-3-carbohydrazide

Pages 229-242


Mohamed El Sadek; Samir Ahmed Magd; Seham Yassen Hassan; Mohamed A. Mostafa; Galile Yacouat

22. Synthesis, Characterization and Crystal Structure of Caffeine Complex of Mn(II) p-Hydroxybenzoate

Pages 251-259


Füreya Elif Özbek; Mustafa Sertçelik; Erdal Taşdemir; Tuncer Hökelek; Raziye Çatak Çelik; Hacali Necefoğlu

25. Optimizing Different Angles of Venturi in Biodiesel Production Using CFD Analysis

Pages 285-295


Hamid Reza Chitsaz; Mohammad Reza Omidkhah; Barat Ghobadian; Mehdi Arjomand