Volume & Issue: Volume 37, Issue 4 - Serial Number 90, July and August 2018, Pages 1-264 
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Olive Industry Solid Waste into Glucose, the Precursor of Bioethanol

Pages 53-61


Othman Hamed; Shehdeh Jodeh; Israa Dagher; Rachid Salghi; Khalil Azzaoui; Nisreen Al-Hajj; Wade Jodeh; Ismail Warad

Evaluation of Biodiesel Blending of Cocos Nucifera Oil Methyl Ester Produced from Alkaline-Catalyzed Transesterification Reaction

Pages 75-80


Ikechukwu Abuchi Nnanwube; Bamidele Victor Ayodele; Uchechukwu Herbert Offor; Ejiroghene Thelma Akhihiero; Osariemen Edokpayi

Pseudo-Five-Component Condensation for the Diversity-Oriented Synthesis of Novel Indoles and Quinolines Containing Pseudo-Peptides (Tricarboxamides)

Pages 101-115


Morteza Shiri; Majid Mohamed Heravi; Vahideh Zadsirjan; Atefeh Nejatinezhad-Arani; Suhas Ashok Shintre; Neil Anthony Koorbanally

Influence of Air-Gap Length on CO2 Stripping from Diethanolamine Solution and Water Performance of Surface Modified PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane Contactor

Pages 117-129


Masoud Rahbari-Sisakht; Daryoush Emadzadeh; Ahmad Fauzi Ismail; Fatemeh Korminouri; Takeshi Matsuura; Ali Reza Mayahi

Adsorption Mechanism of Lead on Wood/Nano-Manganese Oxide Composite

Pages 131-144


Jamal Al-Abdullah; Abdul Ghaffar Al Lafi; Tasneem Alnama; Wafa’a Al Masri; Yusr Amin; Mohammed Nidal Alkfri

Citric Acid Removal from Aqueous Solution with Layered Aluminum Hydroxide Crystals

Pages 153-161


Luis Eduardo Guerra Rodríguez; Minerva Ventura Muñoz; Erenio González Suárez; Carmen Rosselló Matas; Gregorio Carbajal Arizaga