Volume & Issue: Volume 42, Issue 4 - Serial Number 126, April 2023, Pages 1099-1387 
Synthesis and Drug Delivery Evaluation of Graphene Oxide Supported 5-Fluorouracil

Pages 1134-1146


Zahra Javidi; Nooredin Goudarzian; Mohammad Kazem Mohammadi; Elham Tahanpesar

Inhibited Oxidation of Hydrocarbons in the Presence of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Selenium, and Sulfur-Containing Heterocyclic Compounds

Pages 1154-1163


Vagif Farzaliyev; Irada Rzayeva; Afsun Sujayev; Lyubov N. Sobenina; Elena Schmidt; Nina Gusarova; Svetlana Malysheva; Ol’ga Petrova; Boris Trofimov

Two New Cholinesterase Inhibitory and Antioxidative Constituents from Syzygium cumini

Pages 1164-1171


Neelam Sahab; Dilfaraz Khan; Hamid Ullah; Shumaila Kiran; Shafiullah Khan

Measurement of ZnO Atomic Distances under Isothermal and Isobaric Ensembles: A Molecular Dynamics Prediction

Pages 1172-1182


Yahia Chergui; Noureddine Elboughdiri; Djamel Ghernaout; Özen Özer; Qudrat Ullah khan; Hakim Benlefki

Preparation and Study of Photocatalytic Hydrophobic Surface-Modified TiO2 Coatings in Degradation of E. coli and Various Azo Dyes

Pages 1206-1220


Hamid Kazemi Hakki; Aref Ghaderi; Rahim Zeynali; Hadi Seyyedbagheri; hossein Alinezhad Avalzali; Shahla Zubair Ahmed

Potential of Rice Husk in Methyl Parathion Removal: Preliminary Study

Pages 1234-1241


Mohamed Sid Ahmed Kankou; Abdoulaye Demba N’diaye; Youssef Aoulad El Hadj Ali; Mohamed Fekhaoui

Effects of Solvent Concentration on Refining (Degumming, Dewaxing, and Deacidification) of Canola Oil Using Membrane Filtration

Pages 1257-1272


Maryam Rashidian; Maryam Gharachorloo; Manochehr Bahmaei; Mehrdad Ghavami; Hossein Mirsaeedghazi

Measurement of Heavy Metals, Saturated, and Trans-Fatty Acids in Fast Foods in Tehran

Pages 1294-1304


Shayesteh Hossein Abadi; Mohammad Hossein Azizi; Sohrab Moeini; Nargess Mooraki