Volume & Issue: Volume 42, Issue 3 - Serial Number 125, March 2023, Pages 704-1087 
In Silico Study of Sensing Performance Functionalized and Decorated Nanocone Toward H2S Gas

Pages 704-721


Esmail Vessally; Seyed Omid Musavi; Issa Amini; Ezzatollah Najafi; Mohammad Reza Poor Heravi

Production of Green Fuel: A Digital Baffle Batch Reactor for Enhanced Oxidative Desulfurization of Light Gas Oil Using Nano-Catalyst

Pages 740-753


Shymaa Ali Hameed; Amer T. Nawaf; Qahtan A. Mahmood; Layth Talib Abdulateef; Aysar Talib Jarullah; Iqbal Mujtaba

Removal of Anions PO43- and Methyl Orange Using Fe-Modified Biochar Derived from Rice Straw

Pages 821-834


Phuong My Thi Do; Tuyen Thanh Thi Phan; Chiem Huu Nguyen; Nigel K. Downes; Loc Xuan Nguyen

A DFT Request for the Band Gap, NBO Analysis, and Global Reactivity of the Doped Metallofullerenes and their Complexes with H2 Molecules

Pages 835-852


Mustafa M. Kadhim; Sarvin Mohammadi Aghdam; Bayan Azizi; Sheida Ahmadi; Mohammad Reza Poor Heravi; Abdol Ghaffar Ebadi; Zahra Rahmani

Green Synthesis of 4H-Pyrans and 4H-Chromenes in Magnetized Distilled Water

Pages 853-862


Mohammad Bakherad; Ali Keivanloo; Hossein Rezaei; Amin Rezaeifard

Simulation and Multi-Objective Optimization of the Crude Oil Treatment Plant in Rumaila Oil Field

Pages 962-976


Faisal Abdul Raheem Kareem Al-Musaedi; Hamidreza Ghafouri Taleghani; Iman Esmaili Paeen Afrakoti

Minimizing the Entropic Potential Losses Number in a Gasket-Plate Heat Exchanger

Pages 1006-1016


Meisam Moori Shirbani; Sayed Ehsan Alavi; Mohammad Koochak Tondro

Treatment Method with Electrocoagulation in Wastewater that is Dominant with Zinc

Pages 1030-1038


Baybars Ali Fil; Sevim Alya Cihan; Sermin Günaslan; Cansu Elgün; Alper Erdem Yılmaz

H, Photo, and Aeration Period Effects on Arthrospira maxima Growth: Taguchi Technique

Pages 1086-1098


Neda Mirhosseini; Reza Davarnejad; Ahmad Hallaji Sani; Omid Tavakoli; Edgar Cano-Europa