Volume & Issue: Volume 40, Issue 1 - Serial Number 105, January and February 2021, Pages 1-365 
In Situ Production and Deposition of Nanosized Zinc Oxide on Cotton Fabric

Pages 1-9


Taherh Mahmoudi Alashti; Negar Motakef-Kazemi; Seyed Abbas Shojaosadati

Decolorization Kinetics of Ponceau S Dye by Chemical Chlorination: A Comparison with Sunlight/ Chlorine and UV/Chlorine Processes

Pages 111-121


Baylassane Chatib,; Yasmine Laftani; Mohammed Khayar; Mohammed El Makhfouk; Mohsine Hachkar; Abdelghani Boussaoud

Removal of the Cationic Textile Dye by Recycled Newspaper Pulp and Its Cellulose Microfibers Extracted: Characterization, Release, and Adsorption Studies

Pages 133-141


Laib Radouane; Samira Amokrane-Nibou; Nadjib Dahdouh; Takie Eddine Mohammed Mansouri; Gharib Rekhila; Mohamed Trari; Djamel Nibou

Removal of Nitrate from Water Using TiO2/ PVDF Membrane Photobioreactor

Pages 167-183


Ali Reza Sobhanipour; Mohammad Reza Khodabakhshi; Ramin Karimian; Mostafa Alizadeh

Dehydroacetic Acid-Phenylhydrazone as a Potential Inhibitor for Wild-Type HIV-1 Protease: Structural, DFT, Molecular Dynamics, 3D QSAR and ADMET Characteristics

Pages 215-230


Collins Ugochukwu Ibeji; Ujam Oguejiofo; Charles Chukwuma Chime; Kovo Godfrey Akpomie; Chigozie John Onyinye Anarado; Olufemi Abiola Odewole; Maria Grishina; Valdimir Potemkin

Process System Engineering (PSE) Analysis on Process and Optimization of the Isomerization Process

Pages 289-302


Zahoor Hussain Awan; Blal Kazmi; Saud Hashmi; Faizan Raza; Shahzeb Hasan; Farzana Yasmin

Study of the Effect of the Mineral Feed Size Distribution on a Ball Mill Using Mathematical Modeling

Pages 303-312


Israel Rodríguez-Torres; Cristobal Perez-Alonso; Jose Angel Delgadillo; Erik Espinosa; Gilberto Rosales-Marín

Industrial Scale RTD Measurement Using Gold Radiotracer

Pages 313-321


Meenakshi Sheoran; Avinash Chandra; Haripada Bhunia; Pramod K Bajpai; Harish J Pant

Modeling Causal Factors of Occupational Accidents in Chemical Industries: A 10-Year Field Study in Iran

Pages 357-365


Milad Derakhshan Jazari; Ahmad Soltanzadeh; Hamidreza Heidari; Heidar Mohammadi; Abolfazl Mohammadbeygi