A New Tri-Parametrical Law of Corresponding States for Subcritical Dense Fluids

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology, Zip code 84154, Isfahan, I.R. IRAN



This article introduces a new tri-parameter law of corresponding states from the known regularities, namely the LIR and Zeno line for dense fluids (when Tz=Tc). Two of these parameters are the Zeno line parameters and the third parameter (the fluid parameter), has been obtained from the LIR, this parameter is solely dependent upon the fluid characteristics. The third parameter can be obtaind from p-v-T data of at least two different isotherms of the fluid. These three parameters enable us to calculate quantities such as the density of the fluid, within a reasonable accuracy (the maximum error is less than 5%). Comparing the calculated results with the experimental values shown that this law can at least be applied to spherical, polar and hydrocarbon fluids.


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