Design of the Reactor, Selection of Catalyst for Ortho to Para Hydrogen Conversion and Preliminary Design of Cryogenic System for its Liquefaction

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Sistan and Baluchestan, Zahedan, 98164, I.R. IRAN

2 Department of Chemical Engineering, Ferdowsi University, Mashhad, 91775-1111, I.R. IRAN


Hydrogen is an unusual substance in that its molecule exists in two forms, known as ortho and para, with markedly different properties. Energy level of the ortho molecule is higher than para, therefore, the latter is employed for industrial purposes. Consequently, for a high  conversion of  ortho to para hydrogen a catalyst reactor must be employed.  Therefore, one of  the main objectives of this work is to design a tubular reactor. To obtain this objective, one the parameters which should be considered is the proper selection of a catalyst that can in turn effect the price and the life of  it. In this work and for an  optimum of hydrogen  feed and  its  liquefaction, the following parameters for the cryogenic apparatus in the Linde-Hampson cycle such as heat requirements, nitrogen needed for the cycle, specific capacity of  refrigeration, compressor work and the  cycle efficiency have been computed.


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