The Study of Electrochemical Behavior of Mono and Dinuclear Co(III) Complexes, trans-[pyCo((DO)(DOH)pn)(L)]PF6 and [{pyCo((DO)(DOH)pn)}2(μ-dicyd)](PF6)2

Document Type : Research Article


Chemistry Department, Sistan and Baluchestan University, P.O. Box 98135-674, Zahedan I. R. IRAN


Electrochemical behavior of the new mono and dinuclear Co (III)  complexes of  the types trans-[pyCo((DO)(DOH)pn )(L)]PF6   and [{py Co((DO)(DOH)pn)}2 (μ-dicyd)] (PF6)2   have been studied in acetonitrile solution.  All the  mono nuclear complexes  show two quasi- reversible reduction couples associate  to Co(III/II)and  Co(II/I). Each of these redox couples split to two  one electron  waves in dinuclear complex.


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