Removal of PAHs from n-Paraffin by Modified Clinoptilolite

Document Type : Research Note


Department of Chemistry, University of Isfahan, P.O. Box 81746-73441 Isfahan, I.R. IRAN


The ability of natural clinoptilolite and its modified forms were studied for removal of PAHs from n-paraffin. Surfactant modified zeolite (SMZ) was obtained by modifying clinoptilolite with hexadecyltrimethylammonium ion. Homoionic forms of zeolite were obtained by ion exchange process using inorganic salts of desirable cations (e.g. Ag+, Fe3+…). Natural clinoptilolite and its cation exchanged forms show small affinity toward PAHs, due to their hydrophil nature, whereas SMZ removed more than 50 percent of the initial PAHs contents of n-paraffin. The structure of zeolite did not change upon modification. Regeneration of zeolite was performed efficiently with chloroform.


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