Preparation of Sulfur Mortar from Modified Sulfur

Document Type : Research Note


Inorganic Chemical Industries Research Group, Iranian Research and Development Center for Chemical Industries (IRDCI), P.O. Box 13145-1494 Tehran, I.R. IRAN


Mixtures of mineral aggregate and modified sulfur, wherein the modified sulfur functions as a binder, are termed sulfur concretes or sulfur mortars depending on the form of the mineral aggregate. Molten sulfur reacted with olefinic additive, at 130-140 ºC, and then mixed with preheated filler and aggregates. Sulfur mortar samples were prepared by mixing 32 % molten sulfur, 10 % filler and 58 % aggregates. The effects of reaction temperature, and heating time, were tested on mechanical properties of sulfur mortar. Sulfur mortars were prepared by silica flour, mica and carbon as filler in which silica flour can reduce odor problems. Sulfur mortar specimens have compressive strength (200-424 kg/cm2), tensile strength (more than 80 kg/cm2), and flexural strength (110-120 kg/cm2).


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