The Syntheses and Characterization of Three Novel Macrocyclic Polyether Ligands and Some of Their Alkaline Metal Complexes

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences and Arts, University of Selçuk, 42079 Konya, TURKEY


The macrocyclic ligands 2,3,5,6-Bis{3’-bromo-5’-tert-butyl benzo-5-phenyl benzo} 12C3 (L1), 2,3,5,6-bis{3’-bromo-5’-tert butyl-benzo-5’-phenyl-benzo}15C4 (L2), 2,3,5,6-bis{3’-bromo-5’-tert butyl-benzo-5’-phenyl-benzo}18C5 (L3) have been synthesized and their alkaline metal compounds with NaClO4∙H2O and KClO4  have been prepared. Chemical formulas of all compounds have been characterized by using elemental analyses and spectroscopic techniques.


Main Subjects

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