Study of Silanolate Groups (SiO-) in Synthesis of Micelle Templated Silica with Various Condition of Cationic Surfactant

Document Type : Research Article


School of Chemistry, University College of Science, University of Tehran, I.R. IRAN


Based on the {S+, I-} pathway, the concentration of surfactant and surface charge density of silanolate groups control the phase transition from lamellar, to hexagonal through cubic form. The high surface charge density of silanolate groups was observed for the lamellar phase. With decrease of molar concentration of surfactant on the gel, the yield of reaction decreases and the stability of mesophase increase. The silanolate groups of surface are approximately constant when the hydrocarbon length chain of surfactant changes. The disorder mesophase forms for surfactant with short hydrocarbon length chain and the surface charge density decreases.  The yield of reaction decreases with decrease of hydrocarbon length chain of surfactant.


Main Subjects

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