Dye Concentrations Determination in Ternary Mixture Solution by Using Colorimetric Algorithm

Document Type : Research Article


Textile Engineering Department, University of Guilan, Rasht, I.R. IRAN


This publication uses a colorimetric method based on the absorbance spectra of dye solutions to improve on Beer’s law when calculating the dye concentrations of a three-component mixture. The performance of the new method is compared with that of Beer’s law evaluated at three wavelengths, and Beer’s law evaluated at 16 wavelengths. Colorimetric method gives the best prediction of dye concentrations: the average relative errors in its predictions of the blue, red, and yellow concentrations are 55.64%, 12.3% and 14.84% respectively for new test solutions. Its average ternary relative error is 11.68% which is comparable to 14.31% for Beer’s law at three wavelengths.


Main Subjects

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