Facile and Benign Method to Produce Large Scale Graphene Nano Sheets

Document Type : Research Note


Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Sumatera Utara, Medan, INDONESIA


The large scale production of Graphene Nano Sheets (GNS) has fascinated many researchers. GNS was produced base on a sustainable raw material namely coconut fruit. Coconut fruit was converted directly to be GNS with ethanol assisted. Then, it was characterized by XRD and TEM. Interestingly, XRD data show the C(002) peak is broad and weak appear, indicating GNS was formed. This data is also consistent with TEM data. Therefore, the formation of GNS may definitely be affected by the immersing process of coconut fruit by ethanol. Base on this research, the large scale GNS may be produced with the facile and benign method.


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