A Retrospective Investigation on Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites: Materials, Processing Methods, and Properties of Composites

Document Type : Review Article


1 Department of Production Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu - 620 015, INDIA

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering, BuleHora University, Post box No. 144, Bluehora, ETHIOPIA

3 Department of Tool & Die Making, Murugappa Polytechnic College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600 062, INDIA


Hybrid MMCs are a new class of materials that exhibit superior characteristics and functional response when compared to monolithic alloys and mono-reinforced MMCs, and thus have tremendous potential for widespread application in modern industrial and engineering applications. Since the manufacturing fraternity is proliferating, a cyclic evaluation of understanding the behavior of hybrid MMCs and their evolution is needed. Therefore, to address this necessity, this paper presents a detailed review of hybrid MMC manufacturing methods, materials (matrix and reinforcement) used, physicomechanical, tribological, and corrosion properties, and challenges associated with hybrid MMCs. This retrospective investigation presents the state of the art of hybrid MMC materials in the categories involving matrix materials and their alloys, ceramics reinforcements and secondary reinforcements, and the applications and formation of microstructures. This paper also discussed the overview and the status of various matrix and reinforcement materials in manufacturing hybrid MMCs using different fabrication methods. Further, the significant challenges associated with the fabrication of hybrid MMCs using different manufacturing methods, such as distribution of reinforcement, wettability, and other common limitations identified in the literature, are presented. This paper provides a broad-spectrum attitude on hybrid MMCs techniques, challenges, and future research directions.


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