Performance Assessment of Fuels TMEDA-DMAZ and Tonka250 with Liquid Oxidizer AK27

Document Type : Research Article


Faculty of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, P.O. Box: 16765/3454 Tehran, I.R. IRAN


Tonka250 is a liquid fuel containing equal percentages of triethylamine and xylidine which has attracted the attention of space industries due to its favorable performance characteristics. Tonka250 has a low Ignition Delay (ID) time in the presence of AK27 as a liquid oxidizer (about 24 ms) and can be used as a starter fuel in engines working with a non-hypergolic combination of fuels and oxidizers. In recent years, due to the carcinogenic effect of Tonka250, novel fuels have been introduced to replace it with high-performance properties and non-carcinogenic effects. A combination of tetramethyl ethylene diamine (TMEDA) and dimethyl aminoethyl azide (DMAZ) can be a candidate for this purpose. According to the results obtained from the current research, the equal weight percentage of TMEDA and DMAZ has an ID time of 14 ms in reaction with AK27. The ID time was measured through the cup test method with a fuel droplet in the liquid oxidizer. The density and density specific impulse of fuel TMEDA-DMAZ are close to those for Tonka250 while the values of specific impulse for fuel TMEDA-DMAZ are about 6 seconds more favorable than Tonka250 at the chamber and exit pressures 6.8 MPa and 0.1 MPa, respectively. Therefore, it seems that fuel TMEDA-DMAZ is a good candidate for replacement for Tonka250.


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