Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Fluidized Bed Gasifier: Application to Indian Coal

Document Type : Research Article


1 Department of Chemical Engineering, Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering & Technology Longowal, Sangrur-148106, Punjab, INDIA

2 Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Roorkee – 247667, Uttarakhand, INDIA


An Eulerian–Eulerian-based two-dimensional mathematical modeling approach for bubbling fluidized bed gasifier using FLUENT has been proposed to transfer energy, momentum, and mass between two phases namely solid and gas together with the application of the kinetic theory of solid particle flow. The modeling equation involves eight homogeneous and five heterogeneous reactions kinetics. The eddy dissipation model of FLUENT has been used to incorporate homogeneous reaction kinetics and a user-defined code has been developed that describes the kinetics of heterogeneous reactions. The simulation result shows that the exit syngas composition is in line with the experimental one and has a maximum error of around 4.05% for CO and 2.68% for hydrogen. This model has been used to study the variation in hydrogen concentration in the syngas to maximize hydrogen production based on different operating and design parameters.


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