Dibutyltin(IV) Complex of 2-[(E)-(4-hydroxy-3-{(E)-[(quinolin-2-yl)imino] methyl} phenyl) diazenyl]benzoic Acid: Synthesis, Spectroscopy and in vitro Antifungal Activity

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Chemistry, National Institute of Technology, Agartala-799046, West Tripura, INDIA


Dibutyltin(IV) complex of 2-[(E)-(4-hydroxy-3-{(E)-[(quinolin-2-yl)imino] methyl} phenyl) diazenyl]benzoic acid was synthesized by refluxing 2-[(E)-(4-hydroxy-3-{(E)-[(quinolin-2-  yl) imino] methyl} phenyl) diazenyl]benzoic acid with dibutyltin(IV) oxide in hot toluene. The complex was characterized by elemental analysis in combination with UV-visible, IR, 1H, 13C, 119Sn NMR spectroscopy, and Mass spectrometry technique. The carboxylate ligand acts as a chelating bidentate mode of coordination with the tin atom in the complex. The complex exhibited a cyclic dimeric structure in the solution state where the tin centers adopt 6- coordinate octahedral geometry. The in vitro antifungal property of the ligand and the complex was observed and compared with the reference drug, Amphotericin-B.


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