Numerical Study on Bilateral Stagger Cantor Fractal Baffles Micromixer

Document Type : Research Article


1 College of Transportation, Ludong University, Yantai, Shandong 264025, P.R. CHINA

2 Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Liaoning University of Technology, Jinzhou, Liaoning 121001, P.R. CHINA


Changing the structure of the microchannel or setting obstacles in the microchannel has become an effective way to improve the mixing performance of a passive micromixer. Here, we design a three-dimensional micromixer with fractal obstacles based on Cantor fractal principle. The effect of fractal obstacle level, micromixer height, spacing between fractal obstacles, and different Re (Reynold number) on the mixing efficiency is studied. Some valuable conclusions are obtained. The micromixer with quadratic fractal obstacles has better mixing efficiency than the micromixer with primary fractal obstacles. With the increase of the micromixer height, the effective folding area of the fluid can be increased. When the spacing between the fractal barriers is 0 µm, the mixing efficiency of the micromixer is better. The mixing efficiency of all micromixers can reach more than 90% at Re is less 0.1 or more than 40. When Re is 70 and 100, the fluid convection in the micromixer is very strong. Finally, the best micromixer CSM600(Cantor structure micromixer with height 600µm) is obtained. The mixing effect is superior to other micromixers under any conditions.


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