Investigating the Influence of Operating Conditions on the Combined Steam and Carbon Dioxide Reforming of Methane Performance in the Presence of Ni/ZrO2 Catalyst

Document Type : Research Article


Department of Chemical Engineering, Tafresh University, Tafresh, I.R. IRAN


In the present study, Ni/ZrO2 catalyst was synthesized via a co-precipitation approach, and its catalytic activity was evaluated in Combined Steam and Carbon dioxide Reforming of Methane (CSCRM) reaction at a temperature range of 773 K–1273 K, CO2:H2O ratio of 0.5-3 and (CO2 + H2O)/CH4 ratio of 0.5-3. The results demonstrated that the higher (CO2+H2O)/CH4 ratio and temperature were required for CH4 conversion of about 100%. The effect of CO2/H2O ratio was little on the CO and H2 yield. A (CO2+H2O)/CH4 ratio of 1.5 associated with CO2/H2O ratio of 0.5 at the minimum temperature of 1073 K was the required reaction condition for the synthesis gas (syngas) formation with H2/CO ratio of about 2. The temperature, type, and amount of the oxidizing agent greatly affected the amount of coke deposition. The least temperature of 1073 K and (CO2+H2O)/CH4 ratio higher than 1.5 irrespective of CO2:H2O ratio was obtained as proper operation conditions to avoid coke formation. Moreover, CO2 revealed a higher portion than H2O in coke formation in CSCRM reaction.


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