Electrooxidation of Formic Acid and Formaldehyde on the Fe3O4@Pt Core-Shell Nanoparticles/Carbon-Ceramic Electrode

Document Type : Research Article


Electroanalytical Chemistry Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University, Tabriz, I.R. IRAN


In the present work, the electrooxidation of formic acid and formaldehyde; potentially important fuels for future fuel cells, was investigated on the Fe3O4@Pt core-shell nanoparticles/carbon-ceramic electrode (Fe3O4@Pt/CCE). The Fe3O4@Pt nanoparticles were prepared via a simple and fast chemical method and their surface morphology, nanostructure properties, chemical composition, crystal phase, and electrochemical behavior were investigated by scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, X-ray diffraction, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and electrochemical methods, respectively. Then the electrocatalytic activity of the Fe3O4@Pt/CCE toward the oxidation of formic acid and formaldehyde was studied in details. The primary electrochemical analysis shows that the Fe3O4@Pt/CCE has superior catalytic activity and stability for formic acid and formaldehyde oxidation compared to Pt-alone nanoparticles on the carbon-ceramic electrode (Pt/CCE). The present investigation demonstrates that the Fe3O4@Pt/CCE electrocatalyst may play a significant role in future fuel cell applications.


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