Sub-Atmospheric Distillation for Water (1) + Dimethyl Amino Ethyl Azide (2) Mixture

Document Type : Research Note


Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran, I.R. IRAN


Dimethyl amino ethyl azide (DMAZ) is a good replacement for hydrazine group in space programs. This chemical was purified from water (1) + DMAZ (2) mixture in sub-atmospheric distillation column due to thermal sensitivity of DMAZ. For designing of the column, it is necessary to have vapor-liquid equilibrium data. In this article, T-x,y and y-x diagrams were obtained under 40 mbar pressure. Results showed that there exists an azeotrope in the mixture of water (1) + DMAZ (2). Experiments were conducted at different vapor flow rates in the batch distillation column to determine the time necessary for purification of DMAZ. Comparing the experimental results for the distillation time with the theoretical results presented an error time of about 2.6%.


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