Gelatin Phantom

Document Type : Review Article


Department of Physics, Isfahan University, Isfahan, I.R. IRAN



For determining the absorbed dose of ionizing radiation is tissues, it is essential to have materials which behave like tissues. These kinds of materials are usually called phantom. Up to now many different compounds like water, rubber, Perspex etc have been used. Unfortunately, the practical use of each of them has had its own problems. Our suggested gelatin phantom is very similar to soft tissue from the point of effective atomic number, mass density and electron density. In comparison to the other phantoms, gelatin phantom is flexible and can be moulded easily in the shape of any body organ. The exact real absorbed dose can be measured in the depth of the body organ phantom. It can be used also for flattening the body curvatures for radiotherapy procedures. The preparation is quite easy and by adding some fungicide to it and keeping in a cold place it can be used for a long period of time.


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