Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 2 - Serial Number 18, November and December 1997, Pages 48-94 
2. Influence of Metal Ion Complexation on the Acid Dissociation of 4'-Carboxybenzo-24-Crown-8 in an Ethanol-Water Mixture

Pages 59-62

Ahmad Rouhollahi; Mohammad Reza Ganjali; Abolghasem Moghimi; Mojtaba Shamsipur

3. MNDO Study of Nitrogen Atom Inversion in Piperazine, N,N'-Dimethylpiperazine and N,N'-Dichloropiperazine

Pages 63-67

Issa Yavari; Davood Bori Shargh; Hossein Fallah Bagher Shaidaii; Mohsen Dadgar

5. A Novel Method for Synthesis of Substituted Naphthofurans and Naphthopyrans

Pages 72-76

Mohammad Reza Saidi; Samad Alihoseinee; Tahereh Saberi; Reza Zadmard

7. Selective Oxidation of Xylenes to Toluic Acids

Pages 82-83

Mohammad M. Hashemi; Nasrin Manuchehri

9. Grafting of Acrylamide to Low Density Polyethylene During Melt Processing

Pages 91-94

Rouhallah Bagheri; Faranak Naimian; Nassrin Sheikh