Volume & Issue: Volume 28, Issue 1 - Serial Number 49, March and April 2009, Pages 1-115 
6. Preparation of a Novel Super Active Fischer-Tropsch Cobalt Catalyst Supported on Carbon Nanotubes

Pages 37-48

Ahmad Tavasoli; Mohammad Irani; Ali Nakhaeipour; Yadollah Mortazavi; Abas Ali Khodadadi; Ajay K. Dalai

11. Solanum Tuberosum as an Inhibitor of Mild Steel Corrosion in Acid Media

Pages 77-84

Bothi Raja Pandian; Mathur Gopalakrishnan Sethuraman

12. Hydrodynamic Characterization of Mixer-Settlers in Extraction of Zirconium with TBP

Pages 85-93

Fatemeh Saadat Gharehbagh; Sayed Mohammad Ali Mousavian; Kamal Saberyan

14. Polygalacturonase Production by Aspergillus sp. in Air-Lift and Agitated Fermentor

Pages 103-107

Seyed Mohammad Heydarian; Babak Bonakdarpour; Jalal Mirhoseini

15. Microbiological Leaching of Al from the Waste of Bayer Process by Some Selective Fungi

Pages 109-115

Yousef Ghorbani; Manouchehr Oliazadeh; Ahmad Reza Shahverdi