Volume & Issue: Volume 31, Issue 1 - Serial Number 61, March and April 2012, Pages 1-131 
3. Modification of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) Fiber by Grafting of Acrylic Acid/Acrylamid for Removel of Pb+2 from Aqueous Solutions

Pages 15-21

Majid Abdouss; Homayon Ahmad Panahi; Forozan Ghiabi,; Elham Moniri,; Ahmad Mousavi Shoushtari

4. Effect of WO3 Nanoparticles on Congo Red and Rhodamine B Photo Degradation

Pages 23-29

Mahshad Alaei; Ali Reza Mahjoub; Alimorad Rashidi

6. A Study of ZnO Buffer Layer Effect on Physical Properties of ITO Thin Films Deposited on Different Substrates

Pages 37-42

Negin Manavizadeh; Ali Reza Khodayari; Ebrahim Asl Soleimani; Sheyda Bagherzadeh

7. Sorption Energies for Atrazine onto Devolatalized Vitellaria paradoxa

Pages 43-52

Adams Udoji Itodo; Funke Wosilat Abdulrahman,; Lawal Gusau Hassan; Ugbede Itodo Happiness

10. Kinetic Study, Modeling and Simulation of Homogeneous Rhodium-Catalyzed Methanol arbonylation to Acetic Acid

Pages 57-73

Reza Golhosseini Bidgoli; Abbas Naderifar; Ali Reza Mohammadrezaei; Mohammad Reza Jafari Nasr

12. Determination of Interfacial Area in Gas-Liquid Two Phase by Light Transmission

Pages 81-87

Seied Hossein Ghiassi; Ali Akbar Safekordi; Fatemeh Babazadeh Shareh

13. Experimental Investigation and Modeling of Asphaltene Precipitation Due to Gas Injection

Pages 89-98

Siyamak Moradi; Davood Rashtchian; Mostafa Ganjeh Ghazvini; Mohammad Ali Emadi; Bahram Dabir

16. Mixture of Xylose and Glucose Affects Xylitol Production by Pichia guilliermondii: Model Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network

Pages 119-131

Azadeh Magharei; Farzaneh Vahabzadeh; Morteza Sohrabi,; Yousef Rahimi Kashkouli; Mohammad Maleki