Volume & Issue: Volume 32, Issue 4 - Serial Number 68, November and December 2013, Pages 1-122 
2. Application of Sulfonic Acid Functionalized Nanoporous Silica (SBA-Pr-SO3H) in the Green One-pot Synthesis of Polyhydroacridine Libraries

Pages 9-16

Ghodsi Mohammadi Ziarani; Somayeh Mousavi; Negar Lashgari; Alireza Badiei; Monireh Shakiba

3. Recycling of Precious Metals from E-scrap

Pages 17-23

Silvana Dimitrijević; Vlastimir Trujić; Aleksandra Ivanović; Stevan Dimitrijević; Mladen Mirić

5. A Comparative Study of Alkaline Hydrolysis of Ethyl Acetate Using Design of Experiments

Pages 33-47

Afzal Ahmad; Muhammad Imran Ahmad; Muhammad Younas; Hayat Khan; Mansoor ul Hassan Shah

6. Effect of a Carboxylic Acid on Rheological Properties of a High Alumina Cement Mortar

Pages 49-57

Farouk Benali; Mohamed Hamidouche; Mostafa Kolli; Noureddine Bouaouadja; Gilbert Fantozzi

8. Simulation, Optimization & Control of Styrene Bulk Polymerization in a Tubular Reactor

Pages 69-79

Padideh Ghafoor Mohseni; Mohammad Shahrokhi; Hossein Abedini

9. CFD Simulation and Optimization of Factors Affecting the Performance of a Fluidized Bed Dryer

Pages 81-92

Tayyeb Nazghelichi; Arezou Jafari; Mohammad Hossein Kianmehr; Mortaza Aghbashlo

11. A Method to Justify Process Control Systems in Mineral Processing Applications

Pages 105-115

Gholamabbas Parsapour; Mostafa Maleki; Samad Banisi

12. Determination of Original Gas Condensate Composition in The Case of Gas Coning

Pages 117-122

Mohammad Hadi Parhamvand; Shahab Gerami; Mohammad Ali Emadi