Enhanced HDN performance of Al, Zr and Ti modified NiW catalysts by using co-impregnation method

Document Type: Research Article


1 Jinzhong University

2 Taiyuan University of Science and Technology

3 Xi'an University of Petroleum

4 Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences


The Al, Zr and Ti modified MCM-41 materials were prepared by postsynthesis method, and then the Ni-W species were introduced on them by using the co-impregnation method in order to obtain high performance hydrodenitrogenation (HDN) catalysts. The activity of the catalysts was evaluated by the HDN reaction of quinoline. The optimum HDN activity was observed on the catalyst supported on the Al modified MCM-41. The high performance of the NiW/Al catalyst was due to the higher dispersion of Ni, W species, the more density of acid sites, the more appropriate nature of W species and the lower reduction temperature of W species. Moreover, the catalysts prepared by co-impregantion method showed better performance than the catalysts prepared by sequential impregnation method in the HDN of quinoline.