Experimental Investigation toward the Kinetic Study of Methane Hydrate Formation in the Presence of THF+SDS

Document Type: Research Article


Chemical Engineering Faculty, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran


In this study the effect of mixture of two types of promoters including THF and SDS as well as the effect of temperature and pressure was studied on the methane hydrate formation. In order to investigate the effect of promoters, the induction time as well as the amount of water converted to the hydrate was reported; moreover, the percent of methane hydrate was calculated as results. According to the results obtained from experimentation, by adding SDS as surfactant the induction time decreases significantly in the presence of 0.243 ml THF. The results showed that for the condition where initial pressure was 40 bar and SDS concentration was chosen to be 1500 ppm the induction time decreases 59.5%. Also the results declared that with the increase in the initial pressure the values of the induction time declines. For those that the initial pressure was set at 50 bar and the aqueous solution contains 250 ppm SDS the rate of hydrate formation was observed to be higher than those lower SDS concentrations were used. Furthermore for the condition where the initial pressure was set on 40 bars and the concentration of SDS were chosen to be 1500 ppm the rate of hydrate formation was found to be maximum value. Finally, the results of experimentation and modeling showed that for the condition were initial pressure was chosen 50 bar the apparent rate constant of hydrate formation was maximum, for solution with 250 ppm SDS. Also this parameter would be 80% much higher than those of pure water was used at beginning of the hydrate crystals growth.