A Semi-Analytical Analysis of Gas Slippage Effect in Pressure Transient Behavior of Non-Condensate Gas Reservoirs with the Different Boundary Condition

Document Type: Research Article


Skolkovo institute of science and technology, Moscow, Russia


The conventional models utilized to study flow behavior in a Non-Condensate gas reservoir did not consider the effects of gas slippage and different outer boundary conditions. For gas wells with a constant production flow rate in a bounded oil or gas reservoir, commonly, the outer boundary conditions are infinite boundary condition or zero flux. In this study, the dimensionless pseudo pressure and dimensionless derivative of pseudo pressure in the presence of 4 different outer boundary condition (infinite reservoir, constant pressure, exponential, and power-law) besides effects of gas slippage, wellbore storage, and skin factor are analyzed. To do this, the dimensionless pseudo pressure partial differential equation of radial flow was derived from the combination of continuity equation with Darcy’s law, the equation of state, compressibility equation and dimensionless parameters. Then the derived partial differential equation is solved analytically in the Laplace domain. The obtained results of this work have important significance to understand the effects of different condition on the transient pressure behavior of Non-Condensate gas reservoirs.