Trimetallic Au-Cu-La/AC for acetylene hydrochlorination in a multi-tubular fixed bed reactor

Document Type: Research Article


1 East China University of Science and Technology;Tianjin Dagu Chemical Co., Ltd.

2 East China University of Science and Technology

3 University of British Columbia


The metal chloride of LaCl3 was chosen to modify the Au-Cu/AC to decrease the noble metal of gold and enhance the catalytic performances. Then a mercury-free catalyst of Au-Cu-La/AC was prepared by impregnation method, and the fresh Au-Cu-La/AC and Au-Cu/AC catalysts were also characterized in comparison. The catalytic performances of mercury-free catalyst for acetylene hydrochlorination were carried out for 3500 hours in a multi-tubular fixed bed reactor. The additives of La can make the active species dispersed well and retard the aggregation of particles. And the acetylene conversion rate remained stable over 98.5% with the fluctuations less than 1%, and the selectivity of vinyl chloride maintained a stability of 99% or higher, which indicated that the mercury free catalyst has excellent catalytic performances for acetylene hydrochlorination.


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