Synthesis of graphene through ultra sonication

Document Type: Research Article




We report a novel method to synthesise graphene by
exfoliation of graphite using an organic agent, ortho dicholoro
benzene.A lot of researches are going for new materials apt for
electronics applications. Graphene, an extraordinary allotrope
of carbon can be considered as a sure candidate for impending
semiconductor applications .High requirement are there to
fabricate graphene in good quality.Graphene can be produced in
either in large-scale growth or large scale exfoliation.In this paper
graphene powder is synthesized from graphite using chemical
exfoliation in organic solvent.This solution processing opens up
new era of applications such as liquid phase chemistry ,sensor
applications and energy storage etc. We confirm the presence
of multilayer graphene by means of scanning electron microscopy(
SEM),transmission electron microscopy(TEM),Raman
spectroscopy and Uv analysis. Aforementioned method is very
much suitable for large scale synthesis of graphene headed for
the industrial applications.


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