Insight into properties of 〖〖CO〗_2〗^(+ ) 〖〖(CO〗_2)〗_n clusters in a Paul ion trap

Document Type: Research Article


1 Department of Chemistry, University of Zanjan, Zanjan 45371-38791, Iran

2 Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute (H. T. Schmidt et al.), Plasma and Nuclear Fusion Research School, A.E.O.I., Tehran 14155-1339


In the present paper, the properties of 〖〖CO〗_2〗^(+ ) 〖〖(CO〗_2)〗_n clusters in a Paul ion trap have been investigated and confirmed through computational methods. Under different experimental conditions, we have confined obtained clusters for the specific time to identify their kinetic and spectroscopic properties. Also, the thermochemical results in various temperatures have been extracted for all 〖〖CO〗_2〗^(+ ) 〖〖(CO〗_2)〗_n clusters in the present paper. The comparison of theory and experiment results confirms good agreement among them. Also, structure of 〖〖CO〗_2〗^(+ ) 〖〖(CO〗_2)〗_n cluster and temperature conditions to formation of cluster have been studied in the Paul trap and Calculate of equilibrium constant of these clusters, in different temperatures was done. Based on the results, formation of cluster with n=2-3 is very easier than large cluster and they have symmetric structure


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