Fast Pyrolysis of Napier Grass Catalysed by Encapsulated Cu([H4]salen)

Document Type: Research Article


Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China


Napier grass can serve as a feedstock for bio-oil production, and the aim of this work comparatively evaluated the effect of catalysis by Cu([H4]salen) on pyrolysis of Napier grass relevant to bio-oil generation. The bio-oil, char and gas produced during the pyrolysis of Napier grass were identified and quantified. The chemical composition of bio-oil was correlated with the catalysis. Bio-oil quality was analyzed by characterization, with a high content of phenolics, low content of oxygen and a high heating value on the catalytic effect. The results obtained in this work suggested that a significant improvement has been proven with respect to bio-oil quality compared to what has been reported in the literature.


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