Microwave Assisted Appraisal of Neem Bark Based Tannin Natural Dye and its Application onto Bio-mordanted Cotton Fabric

Document Type: Research Article


1 PhD scholar Applied chemistry Govt. College University Faisalabad Pakistan

2 Department of Applied Chemistry Govt. College University Faisalabad Pakistan

3 Department of Chemistry GC University Faisalabad Pakistan

4 Department of Biochemistry, University of Agriculture Faisalabad Pakistan

5 Department of Applied Chemistry, Govt. College University Faisalabad 38000, Pakistan


Current study is aimed to utilize microwave for isolation of colorant from neem bark and its application onto chemical & bio-mordanted cotton fabric. For the purpose aqueous, acid & organic media have been employed to isolate the colorant and to make its application onto surface modified and bio-mordanted cotton fabric followed by microwave treatment upto 6min. It is found that using optimum extraction and dyeing conditions, acceptable fastness properties have been rated when 9% of Al & Fe, 7% of tannic acid as pre chemical, 7% of acacia, 9% of henna, 7% of pomegranate & 5% of turmeric extract as pre bio mordants. Similarly 5% of Al, 9% of T.A, 7% of pomegranate and turmeric extract as post-mordants have been employed. It is recommended that isolation of colorant & dyeing under MW treatment has not only improved the natural dyeing process, but also addition of herbal based bio-mordants have made the dyeing process more sustainable & ayurvedic. So it is concluded that microwave treatment has not only explored the coloring potential of neem bark but also made possible use of bio-mordants for making process more green with excellent colour characteristics under reduced optimal conditions.


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