The Study on the Reduction of the Viscosity of Transported Heavy Crude oil by Fe(II) and Fe(III) Complexes with Phthalic Acid

Document Type: Research Article


Candidate of Technical Sciences State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic


The coordination compounds of Fe (II) and Fe(III) with phthalic acid were synthesized. The compounds were studied by X-ray diffraction (XRD), differential thermal (DTA), and IR spectroscopy. It has been established that, regardless of the oxidative number of iron, the synthesis products have the same chemical composition and chemical formula - [Fe2(o-C6H4(COO)2)3]. It also found that the carboxyl groups of phthalate dianion have a monodentate and bridging function, and the complex it self is a polymer-layered structure. Based on the obtained results, a schematic structure of the complex was proposed. Also were studied the thermal stability of the com-plex in the temperature range 20-660 С and the supramolecular interaction of this substance with the rheological properties of heavy commercial oils.
This significantly reduces viscosity of heavy oil during transportation. Coordination polymer-based composites have been developed and tested. Use of composite solves a number of technological problems associated with the transport of high-viscosity oil.


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