Effects of Leaching Parameters on The Impurity Ion Concentrations at Ulexite Ore Leaching: An Experimental Design Approach

Document Type: Research Article


Department of Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Cankiri Karatekin University, 18100, Cankiri, TURKEY


An experimental study was conducted to determine effects of leaching parameters on impurity ion concentrations in ulexite leaching. Granulated natural ulexite mineral was leached in aqueous medium with sulfur dioxide. The Taguchi experimental design approach and statistical methods were used to evaluate the effects of leaching parameters (solid/liquid ratio, temperature, pH, particle size, time) on impurity ion concentrations (concentrations of magnesium, calcium, iron ions) in the liquid phase. Average B2O3 leaching ratio was found as 98.56% (±0.95). Statistically effective leaching parameters on impurity concentrations and delta values for concentrations were found as pH (770ppm) for magnesium, solid/liquid ratio (372 ppm) for calcium ions. The parameters examined were not effective for iron.


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