A Novel Designed Ligands of 4,4,6',6'-Tetramethyl-3'-aryl-3',5',6',7'-tetrahydrospiro[cyclohexane-1,2'-indole]-4',6(1'H)-diones for Metal Cations removal from Water and Wastewater

Document Type: Research Article


Department of Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Chemistry, Urmia University, 57159, Urmia, Iran


Water is the main pillar of human life, which experiencing widespread pollutions which turn clean waters to a non consumption form gradually. Contaminating resources of the clean waters are the human and industries have been made by human. Because the available water resources for humans and organisms are limited, we must seek recovery of contaminated waters. Some novel oxime and azo dye based compounds from spiro dihydrofurans were synthesized. All structures were characterized by IR, 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy techniques. Some pollutant metal cations of Ni2+, Cu2+, Co2+, Mn2+ and Zn2+ in water and industrial wastewater were examined in the presence of novel ligands. The UV-visible spectral data indicated that 4a selectively absorbed Ni2+ at room temperature and natural pH condition. Instead, 4b absorbed all cations with exception of Ni2+ under the same condition.


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