CNTs-COOH paste electrode for detection of temozolomide

Document Type: Research Article


Jinan University


The MWCNTs-COOH paste electrode (MCPE) was successfully used to study the electrochemical behaviour of temozolomide in 0.2 M H2SO4 solution, phosphate buffer solution (0.1M PBS, pH 7.4) and 0.1M NaOH solution by cyclic voltammetry technique (CV). The results exhibits that MCPE can remarkably enhanced sensing and electrocatalytic activity towards the oxidation and reduction of temozolomide in acidic, neutral and basic solution. The effect of scan rate exhibits adsorption controlling process. The effect of pH range from 2 to 6 was investigated by cyclic voltametry technique, from cyclic voltammetry study exhibits the peak current was pH dependent with a slope of 68 mV/pH. The detection limit (LOD)) at MCPE were found to be 0.056 mM,0.069 mM and 0.065 mM in 0.1M H2SO4, 0.1M PBS (pH 7.4) and 0.1M NaOH solutions respectively by cyclic voltammetric technique (CV). Similarly, from linear scan voltammetric technique (LSV) the detection limit (LOD) were found to be 0.050 mM, 0.021mM and 0.036 mM in acidic, neutral and basic solution respectively. The proposed method was successfully applied for the determination of temozolomide in clinical sample.


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