Polypyrrole/Silver nanocomposite: synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity

Document Type: Research Article


1 Babol University of Technology

2 2Shomal University, P.O. Box 731, Amol, Iran.

3 3Amol University of Special Modern Technologies


Polypyrrole/silver (PPy/Ag)nanocomposite was synthesized by a chemical oxidative method. SEM and TEM analyses were performedfor studying the morphology of the nanocomposite. It was shown that the obtained nanocomposite particles have a spherical structure with the high surface area to volume ratio that is the important factor in the biological application. The particle sizes of the PPy/Ag were 15–25 nm obtained by TEM. The antibacterial property was assessed by disk diffusion method against gram-negative Escherichia coli and gram-positive Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. Antibacterial mechanism of action for PPy/Ag nanocomposite was discussed. PPy/Ag showed antibacterial activity against S. aureus (5 ± 0.5 mm) and E. coli (8 ± 0.5 mm). Based on satisfactory antibacterial properties of PPy/Ag nanocomposite, it could be considered as a suitable material in biomedical applications.


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